Puerto Rico retirement system (including teachers) may crash by April 2017

    A bombshell report from the government of Puerto Rico has revealed that, by April 2017, the island will be worse than bankrupt – it will have a deficit of $68 billion, a “debt” of $72 billion,… Read More

The government of Puerto Rico prepares to sell…Puerto Rico

    Last week, Gov. Garcia Padilla ordered the sale of more than 350 school buildings throughout Puerto Rico. He did this though an “executive order” that was not disclosed for six days…then quietly announced on Black Friday,… Read More

Juan Bobo Roselló’s plan for Puerto Rico

  Ricky “Juan Bobo” Roselló wasted no time in announcing his master plan for Puerto Rico. In a Univisión interview yesterday, flanked by his wife and dog named Tennessee, the governor-elect opened a can of surprises for the… Read More

Financial Control Board holds its first meeting in Puerto Rico…in a luxury hotel

   This Friday Nov. 18, the US Financial Control Board will hold its first meeting in Puerto Rico. It will occur at 8:30 am, in the luxurious Conquistador Hotel. The choice of venue is significant: the Conquistador is… Read More

What Gov. Roselló must NOT do to Puerto Rico

  With the US Financial Control Board as the de facto government of Puerto Rico, the newly-elected governor Ricky Roselló will scramble to show that he is actually “governing.”  In his mad dash toward relevance, there are several… Read More