SHARE THIS VIDEO…the TRUTH about Puerto Rico!

  For over a century, many lies have been published about Puerto Rico. These lies have intensified over the past six months. Now finally, we have a video that tells the TRUTH about Puerto Rico…the US…and the abusive… Read More

Donald Trump riot in Albuquerque and Financial Control Board in Puerto Rico: the state of Latinos in the US

  Smoke grenades, pepper spray and mounted police officers were used to combat the protesters who rioted outside a Trump rally in Albuquerque, NM, last night. Today, a US congressional committee votes to finalize a Financial Control Board,… Read More

A fake Promesa for Puerto Rico: the “new” Financial Control Board bill

  A new Caribbean dictatorship will soon take charge of Puerto Rico. The final PROMESA bill finally arrived…and it is the WORST one of all. After five months of “hearings” and “analysis,” the US Congress announced HR 5278…the… Read More

Historic photo of the day: July 4 in Puerto Rico

  For seven decades, July 4 was an enormous show of force in Puerto Rico. The U.S. government used it as military and political theater…flexing its muscles for the entire world.   Three infantry battalions, a tank company, a… Read More