Puerto Ricans march on Washington, D.C.

  Tomorrow, December 2, thousands of Puerto Ricans will arrive in Washington, D.C. to demand immediate action on the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico. Coordinated by the Hispanic Federation, the action will focus on Chapter 9 Bankruptcy protection… Read More

The Many Lies of Luis Ferrao

A gentleman I’ve never met has called me a liar. According to this man, named Luis Ferrao, my book War Against All Puerto Ricans contains at least 29 lies “and more will come.” I was curious about these… Read More

Yogi Berra understood Puerto Rico

  The world will miss Yogi Berra. There will be no other like him. He was an honest man, a great role model, and his Yogi-isms contain some of mankind’s greatest wisdom. The world according to Yogi should… Read More

Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo: Two traitors in Puerto Rico

  Over the past week, three national politicians swept through the island. Hillary and Marco Rubio visited on the same day (Friday Sept. 4). Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited on Labor Day, Sept. 7.  All of them stayed just… Read More