The Nation publishes “Orwell in Puerto Rico… US Congress promises a new dictatorship”

  In its latest news magazine, The Nation published an extensive article, about the dictatorship the US is now creating in Puerto Rico. The article traces the history of the US-Puerto Rico relationship over the past 118 years…. Read More

Congressman Luis Gutierrez declares: “the US Congress is acting like King George III, in its treatment of Puerto Rico”

  In a passionate and fiery speech this week, Rep. Luis Gutierrez accused the Republican-controlled congress of acting “exactly like King George III” in their treatment of Puerto Rico. Gutierrez stood on the congressional floor beside a four-foot… Read More

$4 Billion securities fraud in PREPA, will be paid by the people of Puerto Rico

  An official report from the Puerto Rico legislature reveals that from 2009 till 2012, the Puerto Rico Electrical and Power Authority (PREPA) illegally borrowed $4 billion dollars in a Ponzi scheme that “benefitted the financial community” but… Read More

US Government warns Puerto Rico: we might take your land, and we feel very bad about it

The US Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, has warned Puerto Rico that the island’s protected natural resources “could be targeted for private development.” Jewell blamed the “Republican” Financial Control Board legislation for this, and worried that “a… Read More

Did the FBI alter the voice of Pedro Albizu Campos?

  When Pedro Albizu Campos returned from prison on December 15, 1947, the FBI was waiting for him. They filmed his reception at the waterfront, when he got off the SS Kathryn: They filmed his march through Old… Read More