From Invisible Man to Invisible Island

  In 1953, Ralph Ellison won the National Book Award for his first novel Invisible Man. It started like this: “I am an invisible man. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids… Read More

Lifestyles of the rich and famous…in Puerto Rico

The economy of Puerto Rico is in deep trouble.  Nearly half the island is living below the poverty line. Per capita income is $16,400…half that of Mississippi, the poorest state in the US. For this reason, over one… Read More

Federal Judge Juan R. Torruella calls for a complete boycott of U.S. chain stores in Puerto Rico

  Judge Juan R. Torruella, a Puerto Rican, is the longest-standing federal judge in Puerto Rican history. From 1994 through 2001, he was the Chief Justice of the First Circuit Court of Appeals. He has served on the… Read More

“Puerto Rico is now a colony!” cries the Governor of Puerto Rico (Part 3)

  The Governor of Puerto Rico continues to cry. He has just discovered that Puerto Rico is a colony…the personal property of the United States. Gov. Garcia Padilla calls this a “shift” in US foreign policy: that until… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: the Fania All Stars

  The Fania All Stars were formed as a fusion of the best bandleaders and singers from seven salsa orchestras, complemented by veteran musicians from the New York scene. From 1968 till the late 1980’s, the Fania record… Read More