Kick Albizu Campos in the teeth, then honeymoon in Paris

  The United States of America has become the United Sociopaths of America. People lie, cheat, bully and betray each other, usually for money or status or sex. But a fellow named Luis Ferrao reached a new low… Read More

Luis Muñoz Marín’s Operation Kickback

  The author of Campus In Bondage, Ruth M. Reynolds, was a life-long advocate for the independence of Puerto Rico. She was arrested on October 31, 1950 for “conspiracy to overthrow the government of the US” and imprisoned… Read More

Girl carrying water in a gasoline can

  This photo was taken by Edwin Rosskam in 1938.  It is in a poor neighborhood of Ponce. The loneliness and desolation recall another image by Andrew Wyeth. You have probably seen it…. Christina’s World was painted ten… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Vito Marcantonio, the Champion of El Barrio

  Vito Marcantonio only lived 52 years. But he spent eight of those years in the US Congress, representing the people of El Barrio, NYC. He was a great friend to Pedro Albizu Campos, and a supporter of… Read More

José Trías Monge, the author of Puerto Rico’s Commonwealth status, denounces it as “the oldest colony in the world.”

  José Trías Monge was the Secretary of Justice (aka the Attorney General) of Puerto Rico. He later became a senator, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. Monge was the chief architect, writer,… Read More