The Juan Gonzalez lecture on Puerto Rico

  At New York University on October 21, 2015, journalist Juan Gonzalez provided a master lesson on Puerto Rican history and economics. Thoughtful and well-researched, his lecture provided an excellent summary of the deepening crisis on the island…. Read More

Guerra Contra Todos los Puertorriqueños is a #1 Amazon Best Seller

The Spanish-language translation of War Against All Puerto Ricans has become an early publishing “hot book.” The book releases on November 24, 2015. But six weeks before its publication date, on pre-sales alone, it has already become a… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: count the Coca Cola signs

  This photo was taken in Old San Juan in 1941.  Can you count the Coca Cola signs on this one block?  

Puerto Rico slated to become a “Public-Private Partnership”

  Puerto Rico will soon be privatized. As soon as the Financial Control Board arrives, the island will be converted into a grotesque “public private partnership.” Hospitals, schools, highways, caserios…even electricity, beaches and the water supply…will be “privatized” by the Financial Control… Read More

Luis Ferrao did not kill anyone with a knife…he killed them with a gun!

I have a terrible admission to make. I was starting to feel sorry for Luis Ferrao. He called Albizu Campos a “Fascist” and called me a liar: but after 16 years in New York State politics and 4… Read More