Puerto Rican children are for sale

  Puerto Rican children are about to be sold by the US Department of Education. If this statement sounds like an exaggeration, consider the following: Three weeks ago, on October 24, sixty-one members of US Congress delivered an… Read More

350 schools in Puerto Rico are CLOSED and SOLD, by Puerto Rican government traitors

    Five months ago, the Puerto Rico legislature tried to pull a fast one, and “privatize” the beaches of Puerto Rico on the last day of session. The public outrage was so fierce, that the legislature backed… Read More

Massive demonstration in Puerto Rico tomorrow, Nov. 17…as teachers FIGHT BACK against privatization of the public school system.

  Thanks to a recent law, known as Senate 1456, hundreds of public schools will soon close, all over the island. Thousands of teachers will be fired, and lose their pensions as well. In response, the teachers of… Read More

The WAR ON PUERTO RICANS begins, with Senate 1456… Teachers will soon be fired and lose their pensions. More schools will close.

  Gov. Garcia Padilla is working overtime to turn Puerto Rico into a “prívate” enterprise. Yesterday he released a document supporting Senate 1456, a new law which would privatize major portions of the public education system of Puerto… Read More