Privatization gone wild: Corruption in the “Public Private Partnerships” of Puerto Rico, created by Gov. Luis Fortuño

  An audit of many P3s – aka Public Private Partnerships – created during the administration of ex-Governor Luis Fortuño, are showing no evidence of a bidding or selection process. In other words, all the projects were simply… Read More

New York State and Puerto Rico: both run like the Mafia

I was elected to the New York State Assembly in 1996. Shortly after arriving there, I realized that it was being run like an organized crime family. Legislation was for sale. Elected officials became “consultants” to companies doing… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: THE SUGAR CANE RAILROADS

  The following map was filed with the US Department of Commerce on May 3, 1934. It shows 30 different railroads, all owned by 30 different sugar cane companies. These companies were called centrales. The centrales are listed… Read More