V for Vendetta…the rise of Juan Bobo

  Puerto Rico is under attack. A hero must come forward and stand up to the United States – but that hero would be jailed or killed. And so, the island needs an avatar – a potent symbol like Aguila Blanca,… Read More

Will Puerto Rico be privatized?

  When the Financial Control Board (FCB) hits Puerto Rico in a few weeks, it will immediately move to “privatize” major pieces of Puerto Rico. This will include the electrical grid (PREPA), the water supply (PRASA), several beaches… Read More

U.S. Congress insults Pres. Obama AND Puerto Rico: the Dancing Obama Video

  The House Committee on Natural Resources has just shown its “attitude” toward Pres. Obama and the island of Puerto Rico.  With a 20-second video, of a “dancing black boy” representing Barack Obama, the House GOP made a… Read More

The entire US government gangs up on Puerto Rico…all in the same week

In the same week – practically on the same day – all three branches of the US government attacked the island of Borinquen, under the guise of “helping Puerto Rico.” The US Congress, US Supreme Court, and Pres…. Read More

Meet Congressman Labrador Retriever…the Puerto Rican who is “not interested” in helping Puerto Rico

  Raúl Labrador, a GOP congressman from Idaho, is determining the future of Puerto Rico. Labrador is Puerto Rican…yet he has “no interest in the affairs of Puerto Rico,” and “no interest in resolving the problems of Puerto… Read More