Girl carrying water in a gasoline can

  This photo was taken by Edwin Rosskam in 1938.  It is in a poor neighborhood of Ponce. The loneliness and desolation recall another image by Andrew Wyeth. You have probably seen it…. Christina’s World was painted ten… Read More

Save the mural of Pedro Albizu Campos in Ponce, Puerto Rico

  The principal of the Pedro Albizu Campos School in Ponce, Puerto Rico, has announced a plan to eliminate the mural of…Pedro Albizu Campos. In a tense meeting with the local school board on September 24, school principal… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: The Cockpit

  This image was taken by Edwin Rosskam in the San Juan area, in December 1937. The image contains a few points of interest. #1 It is very much “a guy thing.” Over fifty men, but not one… Read More