The Juan Gonzalez lecture on Puerto Rico

  At New York University on October 21, 2015, journalist Juan Gonzalez provided a master lesson on Puerto Rican history and economics. Thoughtful and well-researched, his lecture provided an excellent summary of the deepening crisis on the island…. Read More

Gov. Garcia Padilla’s Housing Plan for Puerto Rico

  The 2016 campaign for Governor of Puerto Rico is heating up. According to Juan Bobo, one of the 2016 candidates, the current governor is planning “to evict 80% of the Puerto Ricans off the island, and the… Read More

Juan Bobo campaign growing, but still unfocused

  The campaign of Juan Bobo for Governor appears to be gaining traction in Puerto Rico: though it has yet to articulate a specific platform, ideology, or economic policy for the island. Mr. Bobo continues to campaign on… Read More