Puerto Rico demands statehood…but it’s not sure when

    The new government of Puerto Rico wasted no time in confusing itself, and the entire world, in regard to what it wants. Newly elected Gov. Ricky Roselló is demanding statehood immediately while his PNP counterpart in… Read More

The FBI raids the government of Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

   Fifty FBI agents raided the city hall building of Toa Baja, PR yesterday, November 22, at 6 am. They were seeking information regarding “financial crimes and public corruption.” The FBI raid was reported by Univision, Telemundo, Fox… Read More

ABC News selects the next governor of Puerto Rico

Five days before the election, ABC News annointed Ricky Roselló to the governor’s mansion. According to ABC, Ricky is “expected to win” and will be the “next governor of Puerto Rico.” ABC also announced that Ricky will make… Read More

Puerto Rico’s next election will be “supervised” by the FBI

    The Nov. 8 elections in Puerto Rico – for governor, legislature, and dozens of mayors – will be “supervised” by FBI agents. These agents will be stationed throughout the island, and they will carry firearms.  The… Read More

Electrical blackouts all over Puerto Rico

  A series of “rolling blackouts” have hit Puerto Rico over the past month, and the frequency of all the blackouts is increasing. Over the past three years, electrical blackouts have increased by 449 percent throughout the island…. Read More