The electrical system of Puerto Rico is in chaos

  With 15 blackouts per day, 567 disabled trucks, and all of its helicopters out of commission, the power grid of Puerto Rico is in deep trouble. To add insult to injury…a report has just been completed, showing… Read More

Electrical blackouts all over Puerto Rico

  A series of “rolling blackouts” have hit Puerto Rico over the past month, and the frequency of all the blackouts is increasing. Over the past three years, electrical blackouts have increased by 449 percent throughout the island…. Read More

George Pataki: Chairman of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board?

  George Pataki, the ex-governor of New York State, has been identified as a “leading candidate” for chairman of the Puerto Rico Financial Control Board.  He is portrayed as an affable and moderate Republican, with an easygoing personality,… Read More

Federal lawsuit charges that Puerto Rican politicians received 100 million dollars in oil company bribes

  A bombshell lawsuit is about to explode in Washington, D.C. It charges that for thirteen years, from 2002 till 2015, a “Fuel Oil Cartel” in Puerto Rico poisoned the air and water in Puerto Rico, and that… Read More