Save the mural of Pedro Albizu Campos in Ponce, Puerto Rico

  The principal of the Pedro Albizu Campos School in Ponce, Puerto Rico, has announced a plan to eliminate the mural of…Pedro Albizu Campos. In a tense meeting with the local school board on September 24, school principal… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Vito Marcantonio, the Champion of El Barrio

  Vito Marcantonio only lived 52 years. But he spent eight of those years in the US Congress, representing the people of El Barrio, NYC. He was a great friend to Pedro Albizu Campos, and a supporter of… Read More

José Trías Monge, the author of Puerto Rico’s Commonwealth status, denounces it as “the oldest colony in the world.”

  José Trías Monge was the Secretary of Justice (aka the Attorney General) of Puerto Rico. He later became a senator, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. Monge was the chief architect, writer,… Read More

Dr. Orlando Daumy declares “Albizu Campos was Irradiated”

  Dr. Orlando Daumy, president of the Cuban Cancer Association and an expert on radiation, visited Albizu Campos in La Princesa in 1953.  This is what he saw: Don Pedro had burns and sores all over his body…. Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: God Bless America

  This photo was taken in 1941 in the elegant El Escambrón ballroom/nightclub. El Escambrón was the swankiest “American style” venue in Puerto Rico at the time. With World War II raging, it was also a time of… Read More