Governor of Puerto Rico refuses to pay $422 million to Wall Street…and the island DEFAULTS

  In a televised speech, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced that Puerto Rico will NOT make the May 1 or May 2 payment of $422 million to Wall Street bondholders.   The governor also denounced “a brutal campaign… Read More

Donald Trump says: “I will buy Puerto Rico, and turn it into Puerto Trump.”

  The Trump campaign is rapidly becoming a reality show, circus act, runaway train and rumor mill, all rolled into one.   In the past month alone, Trump announced his plan to hunt down and deport 11 million… Read More

MSNBC Asks “What is Going on with Puerto Rico?”

America has finally noticed a “problem” in Puerto Rico.  Over the past week, as the island edged closer to missing a bond payment, the following news outlets all addressed the “problem.” Wall Street Journal New York Times USA… Read More

A Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico…Angelo Falcón Gets it Right

  Some people talk forever and do nothing. Others quietly move the world.  At 1:34 this morning, Angelo Falcón e-mailed me a letter which he’d sent to the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA). Here it is: To: National… Read More

Crisis in Puerto Rico: Nelson Denis column in the National Journal

Puerto Rico is finally receiving some attention.  On July 2, the New York Times called for Jones Act reform: an end to the archaic Law of Cabotage, which has crippled the island’s shipping industry for 95 years.  Over… Read More