What Gov. Ricky Roselló MUST do for Puerto Rico

  Puerto Rico has selected its next governor: Ricky Roselló. To all appearances Gov. Roselló will not govern ANYTHING, with a US Financial Control Board breathing down his neck. But there are several things that he can accomplish…… Read More

Electricity rates will now RISE by 4.2 cents per kilowatt hour in Puerto Rico

  The future of Puerto Rico is arriving quickly. The electrical authority PREPA negotiated its $9 billion debt repayment, and guess who is going to pay for it? That’s right…the people of Puerto Rico.     A “SECURITIZATION… Read More

Luis Fortuño, King of the P3s

Luís Fortuño ruled over Puerto Rico like a miniature Ronald Reagan. He fired 30,000 workers, reduced pension benefits, closed down schools, and raised consumer taxes. He also campaigned aggressively against Barack Obama and for Mitt Romney, even after… Read More