How Obama deprived Latinos of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars…and we didn’t even know it

Do you know the merits of “statistical sampling,” versus “straight headcount” by the US Census? Not many people do. The difference is this: in rural, suburban and low-density areas, a straight headcount is feasible. A census enumerator can… Read More

Oscar López Rivera will go free…but Obama is still a HYPOCRITE

  At long last, after 35 years, Pres. Obama finally commuted the sentence of Oscar López Rivera. The president is to be commended for this. But for eight years, Obama misled the entire Puerto Rican community. He used… Read More

Obama releases a record number of prisoners…minus Oscar López Rivera

    Last month, Pres. Barack Obama commuted 98 prison sentences in one day. As of December 2016, Obama has commuted the sentences of more than 1,000 people in prison for drug crimes – 1,023, to be exact…. Read More

Free Oscar López Rivera

    President Obama has a few weeks left to free Oscar López Rivera. It is a double standard to celebrate the freedom of Nelson Mandela, and then keep Oscar in jail…who has suffered 11 more years in… Read More

U.S. Congress insults Pres. Obama AND Puerto Rico: the Dancing Obama Video

  The House Committee on Natural Resources has just shown its “attitude” toward Pres. Obama and the island of Puerto Rico.  With a 20-second video, of a “dancing black boy” representing Barack Obama, the House GOP made a… Read More