A master plan for gentrifying El Barrio, NYC

    Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito have betrayed El Barrio. Under the cover of “creating affordable housing,” they are planning to stuff tens of thousands of new luxury housing residents into… Read More

What REALLY happened to the World Trade Center towers?

  Out of respect for the fallen of 9/11 and their families, we did not publish this yesterday…the 15th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy. But today, some questions must be asked. An academic report just published… Read More

The 9/11 Living Memorial Concerts

  This weekend, a series of free concerts will be given throughout New York City, in memory of the fallen of 9/11. The Schiller Institute’s New York Community Chorus will participate with many other area singers and instrumentalists… Read More

Race and class determine who gets fumigated for “Zika prevention” in NYC

  The “progressive” administration of Mayor Bill De Blasio has just revealed a nasty underside. For the past 3 ½ months, it repeatedly fumigated black and Latino neighbourhoods for “Zika” and “West Nile Virus,” while completely sparing the… Read More

Tito Kayak and Juan Bobo

  A Financial Control Board will soon rule Puerto Rico. The PPD and PNP are trying to privatize the beaches. The minimum wage may drop to $4.25. Instead of law and order, Puerto Rico is swamped with corruption… Read More