Anatomy of a Con Ed electricity bill: how Puerto Ricans get screwed

  Here is a portion of my latest electricity bill from Con Edison: After the government finished screwing me – with sales taxes, franchise fees and other nonsense – my total bill was $102. This wasn’t too bad…. Read More

Save our Lady Queen of Angels Church in East Harlem

  Our Lady Queen of Angels has been there for 130 years, at 113th Street in East Harlem. Thirteen years before the US invaded Puerto Rico, in 1898, the little church was already there between 2nd and 3rd… Read More

Ruth Mary Reynolds

  Ruth Mary Reynolds was an American educator and civil rights activist who developed a profound commitment to Puerto Rican independence – so strong that she went to jail for it. She met Pedro Albizu Campos while he… Read More

Labor Day photo: The English Class

  In honor of Labor Day, and all our mothers who worked themselves to the bone, we are showing this photo. It was taken in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico in 1968. An interesting detail appears on the blackboard:… Read More

Historic Photo of the day: My Mother, Sarah Rabassa

  When I hear politicians talk about “undocumented immigrants” and “make America great again,” I often think of my mother.  She was not an immigrant. She was born a US citizen in Caguas, Puerto Rico, in 1928.  She… Read More