Historic Photo of the Day: “Disparen para que vean como muere un hombre.”

  On October 24, 1935, on orders from Police Chief E. Francis Riggs, the police murdered three Nationalists in Rio Piedras, PR.  It became known as the Rio Piedras Massacre.  Two days after the massacre, Police Chief Riggs… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Arrest of Salvador Gonzalez Rivera

  This photo is controversial. It shows the arrest of Salvadór Gonzalez Rivera as a “suspected Nationalist,” during the time period of the 1950 Nationalist revolution.  However, to this day, there is an ongoing disagreement about Rivera. Some… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: After the Ponce Massacre

  The Ponce Massacre of March 21, 1937 left 19 people dead and over 200 wounded. After the massacre the Puerto Rico Chief of Police, Enrique de Orbeta, engaged in immediate damage control. He claimed that Nationalist snipers… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Puerto Ricans arrested as “Communists” and “suspected Nationalists”

  Immediately after the Nationalist Revolution of October 1950, Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín ordered the mass arrest of anyone in the Nationalist Party. He also ordered the arrest of anyone affiliated with, or “suspected” of being, a Nationalist…. Read More

War breaks out…in the Bronx.

  No, the New York Yankees are not cutting Carlos Beltran. The NYPD is not waging a stop & frisk assault, or issuing more parking tickets. This is another war. Tomorrow (Sunday June 7) from 3 to 4… Read More