New York Times secret tape recording: Donald Trump might not “deport 11 million illegal immigrants” after all

  The editorial board of the New York Times has an “off the record” tape recording of Donald Trump, in which he may have admitted that he won’t deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. In other words, Trump may… Read More

Marco Rubio receives money from hedge funds, then opposes Chapter 9 bankruptcy for Puerto Rico

  Last night, during the GOP Presidential Debate on CNN, Sen. Marco Rubio was asked about bankruptcy protection for Puerto Rico. Without batting an eye, Rubio declared that Puerto Rico “must get its act together,” lectured about “fiscal… Read More

Trumpnado in Puerto Rico

  If Donald Trump wins the presidency, no one knows what will happen to Puerto Rico. The following image is as good a guess as any. It shows 15 Donald Trumps flying around and eating everything in sight….with a  marked… Read More

Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo: Two traitors in Puerto Rico

  Over the past week, three national politicians swept through the island. Hillary and Marco Rubio visited on the same day (Friday Sept. 4). Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited on Labor Day, Sept. 7.  All of them stayed just… Read More