Marc Anthony says “F**k Donald Trump!” during his concert in New York City

  In a stunning political moment, singer Marc Anthony recently interrupted his concert in Madison Square Garden to tell everyone “F**k Donald Trump!” Those three words sent the entire MSG audience into a thirty-second pandemonium. Marc Anthony’s words… Read More

Historic Photo of the day: Ramey Air Base

  The Ramey Air Force Base covered 3,796 acres in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico, near the town of Aguadilla. Construction started in 1937-38, and the base was finally closed in 1973. For 35 years it was… Read More

La Gorda de Oro: Myrta Silva

  Before Jennifer Lopez, before Marc Anthony, before Iris Chacón or any of the Fania All Stars, there was a hurricane in Puerto Rico named Myrta Silva. She was more than a singer, dancer or actress. She was… Read More