New York State and Puerto Rico: both run like the Mafia

I was elected to the New York State Assembly in 1996. Shortly after arriving there, I realized that it was being run like an organized crime family. Legislation was for sale. Elected officials became “consultants” to companies doing… Read More

The Two Greatest Traitors of Puerto Rico: Luis Muñoz Marín and Alejandro García Padilla

  Faustino Diaz Pacheco and Aguedo Medina were FBI informants for 20 years. José Trias Monge profited from the ELA status all his life – then finally wrote a book denouncing it, just before dying. But the greatest… Read More

Luis Muñoz Marín’s Operation Kickback

  The author of Campus In Bondage, Ruth M. Reynolds, was a life-long advocate for the independence of Puerto Rico. She was arrested on October 31, 1950 for “conspiracy to overthrow the government of the US” and imprisoned… Read More

Operation Booby Trap: The Caribe Hilton

  Congressman Vito Marcantonio thought that Gov. Muñoz Marín’s “Operation Bootstrap” was a corrupt political scam. He called it “Operation Booby Trap.” The Caribe Hilton Hotel was a perfect example of this booby trap. Under the guise of… Read More

Puerto Rican Bishops Threaten Catholic Voters with Excommunication if they Vote for the PPD

In Puerto Rico, the three Catholic bishops announced that any Catholics who vote for the PPD are committing a sin, and may be ex-communicated. The three bishops – Archbishop James P. Davis of San Juan, Bishop James E…. Read More