PNP (Puerto Rico Statehood Party) adopts a flag with 51 stars on it

  As part of their July 4th activities, the PNP Party unveiled a new flag at its national headquarters. It is the flag of the United States…with 51 stars on it. The PNP Secretary General, William Villafañe, declared… Read More

Luis Fortuño…the chairman of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board?

  Within a few weeks, the U.S. Congress will create a Financial Control Board (FCB) to rule over Puerto Rico. If this isn’t bad enough, there is growing discussion that the Chairman of the FCB may be…Luis Fortuño…. Read More

The secret governor of Puerto Rico: “Scarface” Luis Fortuño

  Within a few months, Luis Fortuño will be the power behind the throne in Puerto Rico. When a Financial Control Board rules over the entire island, Fortuño will be hiding behind the chairman of that Board…whispering in… Read More

Presidential debate moderators scarcely ask questions about Puerto Rico

  The journalists who moderate the televised presidential primary debates have ignored Puerto Rico. It has been the subject of only one in more than 1,000 questions asked during the 21 debates.     The words “Puerto Rico”… Read More

Puerto Rico politicians accused of receiving over $100 million in bribes…with the FBI and US Attorney’s office as part of the conspiracy

  In an enormous web of corruption, the Puerto Rico Power and Electrical Authority (PREPA) has been charged with diverting $100 MILLION A YEAR from the people of Puerto Rico to a conspiracy ring of government officials. A… Read More