Luis Ferrao did not kill anyone with a knife…he killed them with a gun!

I have a terrible admission to make. I was starting to feel sorry for Luis Ferrao. He called Albizu Campos a “Fascist” and called me a liar: but after 16 years in New York State politics and 4… Read More

The Many Lies of Luis Ferrao

A gentleman I’ve never met has called me a liar. According to this man, named Luis Ferrao, my book War Against All Puerto Ricans contains at least 29 lies “and more will come.” I was curious about these… Read More

“Albizu Campos was a Fascist,” says Luis A. Ferrao

  A writer named Luis A. Ferrao has caught my attention. Back in 1990, he published Pedro Albizu Campos y el Nacionalismo Puertorriqueño (Editorial Cultural, PR). The book repeatedly claimed that Don Pedro was a fascist who wanted… Read More