Awards in Washington DC, Blackouts in Puerto Rico, Cowards in Los Angeles

  On September 22, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, singer Prince Royce and author Junot Díaz received “Hispanic Heritage Awards” in Washington, DC. In attendance were Frankie Negrón, actor JW Cortés, HUD Secretary Julián Castro, and numerous other “celebrities.” Also… Read More

Lin-Manuel Miranda: the defender of Puerto Rico?

  Lin-Manuel Miranda has been outspoken about Puerto Rico. But is he really helping? On multiple platforms, Miranda has voiced his opinion on the debt crisis. He vigorously supported the passage of PROMESA, and the creation of a… Read More

Lin-Manuel Miranda: the power of one person’s conscience

  Lin-Manuel Miranda is Puerto Rican, a US citizen, and a celebrity. Over the past few weeks, he filled all three roles with great vision and responsibility…and set an example for every other Puerto Rican “celebrity.” With a… Read More

John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda break the media silence on Puerto Rico

  Throughout one of the greatest crises that Puerto Rico has ever faced, there has been a deafening silence from nearly every Puerto Rican “celebrity” on the planet. This silence was broken last night by Lin-Manuel Miranda and… Read More

Where are the Puerto Rican Celebrities?

  Politicians and celebrities talk a good game. In many respects, they are both playing the same game.   They sell wars, taxes, bad health insurance, barbecue grills, flavored water, funeral plans, uncontested divorces, just about everything imaginable. I… Read More