La Princesa prison, where Albizu Campos was tortured

  One of the best ways to hide something, is to hide it in plain sight, and call it something else. The “Puerto Rico Tourism Company” is a perfect example. It used to be La Princesa prison. Here… Read More

José Trías Monge, the author of Puerto Rico’s Commonwealth status, denounces it as “the oldest colony in the world.”

  José Trías Monge was the Secretary of Justice (aka the Attorney General) of Puerto Rico. He later became a senator, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. Monge was the chief architect, writer,… Read More

The Kubark Manual for CIA Interrogation and Torture

  The torture of Pedro Albizu Campos while in La Princesa was part of a wider pattern of US interrogation techniques throughout Latin America.   The waterboarding and other tortures that are a “shocking revelation” to Americans today, were… Read More

Ruth Mary Reynolds

  Ruth Mary Reynolds was an American educator and civil rights activist who developed a profound commitment to Puerto Rican independence – so strong that she went to jail for it. She met Pedro Albizu Campos while he… Read More

The Prisoners of La Princesa

  After the revolution of 1950, the prisons of Puerto Rico were stuffed with “suspected Nationalists.” In San Juan, La Princesa became so crowded that prisoners had to sleep on the floors, in hallways and bathrooms. The calabozos… Read More