Juan Bobo demands to be included in the US Presidential Debates

  Juan Bobo has submitted legal briefs with the FCC and the U.S. Department of Justice, demanding his inclusion in the upcoming presidential debates. “The US is violating the 1st, 8th, 13th and 14th amendment rights of every… Read More

Donald Trump meets with Juan Bobo, the President of Mexico

  Yesterday, Donald Trump traveled to Mexico to negotiate foreign affairs for the U.S. In particular, Trump wanted to make clear that Mexico will pay for his famous “Wall.” Trump is a master psychologist. The moment he arrived,… Read More

Juan Bobo fumigates La Fortaleza with NALED

  Yesterday in La Fortaleza, the governor of Puerto Rico treated the island’s press like a kindergarten class of five-year olds. For a full hour, he scolded them for reporting the dangers of NALED. Juan Bobo took the… Read More

V for Vendetta . . . the JUAN BOBO revolution

Puerto Rico needs a quiet revolution…a smart revolution…where no one fires a shot and no one goes to jail, but it’s still a 100% REVOLUTION, that gets the US out of Puerto Rico. This revolution is possible with… Read More

V for Vendetta…the rise of Juan Bobo

  Puerto Rico is under attack. A hero must come forward and stand up to the United States – but that hero would be jailed or killed. And so, the island needs an avatar – a potent symbol like Aguila Blanca,… Read More