Wall Street creates a 34,500 acre sugar cane plantation in Puerto Rico…and LIES about it!

  On September 19, Gov. Garcia Padilla shocked all of Puerto Rico with the announcement that he was “leasing” 34,500 acres of public land to the owners of Don Q Rum. The governor claimed this would “reduce up… Read More

33 People Die for the Jones Act

  Three weeks ago, on October 1, 2015, the cargo ship El Faro sank in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, during category-four Hurricane Joaquin.  The boat was built 40 years ago. Until it finally sank and disappeared,… Read More

Crisis in Puerto Rico: Nelson Denis column in the National Journal

Puerto Rico is finally receiving some attention.  On July 2, the New York Times called for Jones Act reform: an end to the archaic Law of Cabotage, which has crippled the island’s shipping industry for 95 years.  Over… Read More

ABC TV Reports on Jones Act Reform and Puerto Rico’s $73 Billion Debt…on TIEMPO

  On July 5, 2015, ABC TV devoted a special segment to discussing the economic crisis in Puerto Rico.  On TIEMPO with Joe Torres, the subjects included the need for a shipping industry in Puerto Rico, and the… Read More