New York Times Opinion Editorial “Free Puerto Rico, America’s Colony” Goes Global

  On August 6, the New York Times published the opinion editorial “Free Puerto Rico, America’s Colony.”  The editorial detailed the economic abuses which the US has inflicted on Puerto Rico for the past 117 years. These include… Read More

More Walmarts Per Square Mile in Puerto Rico, Than Anywhere Else on the Planet

  Recent studies show that Puerto Rico has more Walgreens per square mile, than anywhere in the US…and the island has more Walmarts per square mile, than anywhere on the planet. Walmart owns the Sam’s Club and… Read More

ABC TV Reports on Jones Act Reform and Puerto Rico’s $73 Billion Debt…on TIEMPO

  On July 5, 2015, ABC TV devoted a special segment to discussing the economic crisis in Puerto Rico.  On TIEMPO with Joe Torres, the subjects included the need for a shipping industry in Puerto Rico, and the… Read More