Jennifer Lopez…speak out on the Jones Act!

  Last week, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony gave a free concert for Hillary Clinton in Miami, Florida Lin-Manuel Miranda has held “Hamilton” themed events in support of Hillary. But J-Lo and Lin-Manuel need to put their star… Read More

Historic Photo of the day: Ramey Air Base

  The Ramey Air Force Base covered 3,796 acres in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico, near the town of Aguadilla. Construction started in 1937-38, and the base was finally closed in 1973. For 35 years it was… Read More

Where are the Puerto Rican Celebrities?

  Politicians and celebrities talk a good game. In many respects, they are both playing the same game.   They sell wars, taxes, bad health insurance, barbecue grills, flavored water, funeral plans, uncontested divorces, just about everything imaginable. I… Read More

La Gorda de Oro: Myrta Silva

  Before Jennifer Lopez, before Marc Anthony, before Iris Chacón or any of the Fania All Stars, there was a hurricane in Puerto Rico named Myrta Silva. She was more than a singer, dancer or actress. She was… Read More