The New Logo of the Statehood Party

In prior editorials, I have explained why statehood for Puerto Rico is nearly impossible: politically, financially, and socially, the US simply does not want it. The most prominent member of the Statehood party is ex-Governor Luis Fortuño… Read More

New York Times Opinion Editorial “Free Puerto Rico, America’s Colony” Goes Global

  On August 6, the New York Times published the opinion editorial “Free Puerto Rico, America’s Colony.”  The editorial detailed the economic abuses which the US has inflicted on Puerto Rico for the past 117 years. These include… Read More

New York Times Opinion Editorial Declares…Free Puerto Rico, America’s Colony

  Today, the New York Times gave a significant voice to the growing international demand, for the independence of Puerto Rico.  In the Times opinion page of August 6, 2015, the Times published an editorial titled “Free Puerto… Read More