Independence or Statehood? Puerto Rico will soon vote on it…on June 11

  In just four months, on June 11 of this year, Puerto Rico will hold a referendum on whether to become independent, a US state, or continue suffering as a “US commonwealth.”  The ballot will provide two options:… Read More

V for Vendetta . . . the JUAN BOBO revolution

Puerto Rico needs a quiet revolution…a smart revolution…where no one fires a shot and no one goes to jail, but it’s still a 100% REVOLUTION, that gets the US out of Puerto Rico. This revolution is possible with… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: The Tydings Bill

  On three occasions, the U.S. Congress offered to give Puerto Rico its independence. In 1934, Senator Millard Tydings (D-MD), chairman of the Senate Committee on Territories and Insular Affairs, filed a bill in U.S. Congress that would… Read More

When Puerto Rico was ALMOST independent

  On three separate occasions – in 1935, 1943 and 1945 – the U.S. offered Puerto Rico its independence. Each time, the political leaders of Puerto Rico rejected it. The chief opponent to this independence was Luís Muñoz… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Rafael Cancel Miranda

  Rafael Cancel Miranda was six years old when his mother and father took him to a beautiful event in Ponce. It was Palm Sunday in 1937. Families and children, many of them the same age as Rafael,… Read More