Trumpnado in Puerto Rico

  If Donald Trump wins the presidency, no one knows what will happen to Puerto Rico. The following image is as good a guess as any. It shows 15 Donald Trumps flying around and eating everything in sight….with a  marked… Read More

Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo: Two traitors in Puerto Rico

  Over the past week, three national politicians swept through the island. Hillary and Marco Rubio visited on the same day (Friday Sept. 4). Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited on Labor Day, Sept. 7.  All of them stayed just… Read More

Hillary Clinton says “¡Que viva Puerto Rico!”

Hillary Clinton is swinging through Puerto Rico today, Friday Sept. 4. Though there is nothing unusual about pandering for votes, there are some unique factors on the island this year:  CRISIS IN PUERTO RICO The island needs… Read More

Donald Trump tells Jorge Ramos “Go back to Univision,” then kicks him out of his press conference

Jorge Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards for his journalism. For the past 19 years, since 1986, Ramos anchors the Univisión TV news program Noticiero Univision. He also hosts the Univisión political news show Al Punto. On the… Read More

Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders: The election that that we need to have

  The 2016 presidential election should be between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. It will be the clearest expression of where we are, and where we are headed: the debate that America needs to hear, all out in… Read More