Hillary Clinton Discovers, and Lies, to Puerto Rico

  Hillary Clinton just issued her first and only “policy statement” regarding Puerto Rico. In 376 words, she said practically nothing but conveyed one great point: that Clinton cares very little about Puerto Rico. The entirety of her… Read More

The US uses the FBI as a political instrument in Puerto Rico

  The US is using the FBI to prevent the people of Puerto Rico from exercising their First Amendment freedoms of speech, assembly, and public protest. As of April 21, seventeen independence activists are being forced to “submit… Read More

Henry Kissinger: Hillary Clinton’s “role model” in foreign affairs

  Henry Kissinger insisted that we should invade and stay in Vietnam. He masterminded the carpet-bombing of Cambodia. The military and political chaos that he created throughout Indochina, resulted in the slaughter of three million innocent civilians. For… Read More

Bernie Sanders for Puerto Rico

  Bernie Sanders is currently in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton – nationwide – in the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Bernie is coming on so strong, that he was recently on Saturday… Read More

Governor of Puerto Rico converts the governor’s mansion into a bed n’ breakfast

  In his effort to spur the failing economy of Puerto Rico, Gov. Alejandro García Padilla announced his latest economic development project: converting La Fortaleza into a world-class bed ‘n breakfast. The plan is in keeping with his… Read More