The last debate for Governor of Puerto Rico

  The final gubernatorial debate was held in Puerto Rico, on October 26.   Six candidates spoke about government corruption, the fiscal crisis, Wall Street, unemployment, education, and the independence of Puerto Rico. A detailed coverage of that debate,… Read More

Governor of Puerto Rico refuses to pay $422 million to Wall Street…and the island DEFAULTS

  In a televised speech, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced that Puerto Rico will NOT make the May 1 or May 2 payment of $422 million to Wall Street bondholders.   The governor also denounced “a brutal campaign… Read More

Governor Garcia Padilla tells the United Nations: “Puerto Rico just became a colony!”

  The Governor of Puerto Rico recently filed papers with the United Nations which complain of a “shift” in the US position toward Puerto Rico. According to Gov. Garcia Padilla, the US, suddenly and without warning, now considers… Read More

Governor Cantinflas in Puerto Rico

  Puerto Rico needs a leader whom the world will respect. This is absolutely critical…because for the past 65 years, almost every elected official in Puerto Rico has sounded like Cantinflas. The following video will prove it: As… Read More

Garcia Padilla RESIGNS as Governor of Puerto Rico: U.S. Financial Control Board will now govern the island

The Governor of Puerto Rico has officially turned over his administrative and fiscal powers to a five-member Financial Control Board. According to the New York Times, this Financial Control Board “will have oversight over nearly all branches of… Read More