The idiot of Puerto Rico, Alberto Bacó, is appointed to direct the island’s Government Development Bank (GDB)

  The stupidity of Alberto Bacó is beyond description. As part of his “economic recovery” program, Bacó recommended the sale of Puerto Rican bodily organs. Then in a recent TV interview, Bacó branded the majority of Puerto Ricans… Read More

Presidential debate moderators scarcely ask questions about Puerto Rico

  The journalists who moderate the televised presidential primary debates have ignored Puerto Rico. It has been the subject of only one in more than 1,000 questions asked during the 21 debates.     The words “Puerto Rico”… Read More

The Sharks are Circling Puerto Rico

On September 8, the Governor of Puerto Rico unveiled a “new” economic plan and demanded that creditors “share the burdens of the sacrifices.”  Unfortunately the actual document – the Fiscal and Economic Growth Plan (FEGP) – was low on… Read More


  The author of War Against All Puerto Ricans, Nelson Denis, appeared on ABC TV this past Sunday, as a political commentator on TIEMPO. Hosted by award-winning journalist Joe Torres, TIEMPO is the longest-running Latino-themed talk show on… Read More