Puerto Rico will be SOLD on May 1, 2017

. Gov. Ricky Roselló is distracting Puerto Rico with a June 11 “statehood referendum” that is going nowhere, since it has been repudiated by the U.S. government. But WHY is Roselló doing this? The answer finally exploded –… Read More

Independence or Statehood? Puerto Rico will soon vote on it…on June 11

  In just four months, on June 11 of this year, Puerto Rico will hold a referendum on whether to become independent, a US state, or continue suffering as a “US commonwealth.”  The ballot will provide two options:… Read More

Who will fix the roads in Puerto Rico?

   According to the US Federal Highway Administration, the roads of Puerto Rico are in worse physical condition than all 50 states, and they rank 45th in amount of traffic congestion. This presents a difficult question. Since the… Read More