Juan Bobo accuses the Governor of Puerto Rico of being “a Mafioso from New Jersey”

  In his unusual campaign for Governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Bobo has accused the current governor Alejandro García Padilla, of being “a Mafioso from New Jersey.” As evidence, Mr. Bobo pointed out that the day after García… Read More

Governor of Puerto Rico converts the governor’s mansion into a bed n’ breakfast

  In his effort to spur the failing economy of Puerto Rico, Gov. Alejandro García Padilla announced his latest economic development project: converting La Fortaleza into a world-class bed ‘n breakfast. The plan is in keeping with his… Read More

Massive demonstration in Puerto Rico tomorrow, Nov. 17…as teachers FIGHT BACK against privatization of the public school system.

  Thanks to a recent law, known as Senate 1456, hundreds of public schools will soon close, all over the island. Thousands of teachers will be fired, and lose their pensions as well. In response, the teachers of… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: The 2016 Candidates in Puerto Rico

  The following image speaks for itself.  Puerto Rico is being run, in the same way that the Mafia runs its business from New Jersey.      For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read… Read More

The Power of One Person Standing Up

  The image below is Puerto Rico.  It is being lashed by the US Congress, the PPD and PNP, the IMF, Ann Krueger, hedge funds, Wall Street, a Financial Control Board, Gov. García Padilla, and a fake $73… Read More