The gentrification of El Barrio

  The southern half of East Harlem is being closed off to its own residents. They are being “up-zoned” right out of their own neighborhood. Working class Latinos will not be able to live south of 104th street…because… Read More

Stop the gentrification of East Harlem!

    A few politicians are turning East Harlem into a developer’s paradise. If we don’t stop them, thousands of residents will be forced to move, in order to accommodate the “new” gentry of East Harlem. We appeared… Read More

A master plan for gentrifying El Barrio, NYC

    Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito have betrayed El Barrio. Under the cover of “creating affordable housing,” they are planning to stuff tens of thousands of new luxury housing residents into… Read More

Puerto Ricans are being “encouraged” to leave their island

  Within a few months, thanks to our congressional PROMESA, the youth of Puerto Rico may receive a minimum wage of $4.25 an hour. Older workers would then be fired, and replaced by the new “$4.25 workers.” But… Read More