Puerto Rico demands statehood…but it’s not sure when

    The new government of Puerto Rico wasted no time in confusing itself, and the entire world, in regard to what it wants. Newly elected Gov. Ricky Roselló is demanding statehood immediately while his PNP counterpart in… Read More

Luis Fortuño wins the 2016 Puerto Rican Pinocchio Award

    Luis Fortuño, the baby-faced ex-governor of Puerto Rico, has received the coveted Puerto Rican Pinocchio Award. He defeated a highly competitive field: the 2016 finalists included three convicted felons, two hedge fund owners and the mayor… Read More

How to support Donald Trump and “not support” Trump at the same time

  On July 18, Luis Fortuño led the Puerto Rico delegation to the Trump coronation in Cleveland. He also helped other delegates arrange their travel plans, and secure their credentials, to the coronation of Donald Trump. Fortuño sat… Read More

Luis Fortuño…the chairman of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board?

  Within a few weeks, the U.S. Congress will create a Financial Control Board (FCB) to rule over Puerto Rico. If this isn’t bad enough, there is growing discussion that the Chairman of the FCB may be…Luis Fortuño…. Read More

“Scarface” Luís Fortuño: Part II

  Luís Fortuño ruled over Puerto Rico like a miniature Ronald Reagan. He fired 30,000 workers, closed over 100 schools, reduced pension benefits, raised the university tuition, and hiked gasoline and sales taxes. He also campaigned aggressively against… Read More