Puerto Ricans are being “encouraged” to leave their island

  Within a few months, thanks to our congressional PROMESA, the youth of Puerto Rico may receive a minimum wage of $4.25 an hour. Older workers would then be fired, and replaced by the new “$4.25 workers.” But… Read More

The emperor of Puerto Rico?

  Boricuas of the World has expanded its news coverage with a current affairs newsletter, called Presente y de Pie. For its August 2016 issue, it featured a look at the leading candidate for Chairman of the Financial… Read More

Wall Street, President Obama, the US Congress…all laughing at Puerto Rico

  On July 10, 1984, Ronald Reagan signed the Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeships Act. Section 9 of that Act (11 U.S.C. § 901 et. seq.) specifically excluded Puerto Rico from the bankruptcy protections that are extended to… Read More

MSNBC Asks “What is Going on with Puerto Rico?”

America has finally noticed a “problem” in Puerto Rico.  Over the past week, as the island edged closer to missing a bond payment, the following news outlets all addressed the “problem.” Wall Street Journal New York Times USA… Read More