Luís Fortuño: the puppet master of Puerto Rico

  As the Financial Control Board devours what is left of Puerto Rico, many people are wondering how the island got into this desperate mess. Here are two key words: Luís Fortuño. During his short governorship, Fortuño ruled… Read More

The truth begins to leak out: the Financial Control Board will “not fix anything” in Puerto Rico

  For nearly a year Republicans, hedge funds, and Wall Street lobbyists called for a Financial Control Board (FCB) to “fix” Puerto Rico’s economy. Now the US media are slowly admitting that the FCB will not really fix… Read More

Puerto Rico under King George Pataki: more jails and less jobs for the entire island

  Within one week…by September 1…Pres. Obama will announce the members of the Financial Control Board. The most alarming candidate for this Board is the recumbent ex-governor of New York, George Pataki. I know a great deal about… Read More

The emperor of Puerto Rico?

  Boricuas of the World has expanded its news coverage with a current affairs newsletter, called Presente y de Pie. For its August 2016 issue, it featured a look at the leading candidate for Chairman of the Financial… Read More

Lin-Manuel Miranda: the defender of Puerto Rico?

  Lin-Manuel Miranda has been outspoken about Puerto Rico. But is he really helping? On multiple platforms, Miranda has voiced his opinion on the debt crisis. He vigorously supported the passage of PROMESA, and the creation of a… Read More