The next Governor of Puerto Rico will not “Govern” anything

  Puerto Ricans will elect a new governor on November 8. The last two were a disaster…and there is every indication, that the next one will be even worse.     You can see three full videos of… Read More

Financial Control Board takes over the economy of Puerto Rico

The first meeting of the US Financial Control Board over Puerto Rico (FCB) lasted only 30 minutes. But this was enough time for the FCB to take over the island’s entire economy.   The FCB declared its jurisdiction over… Read More

Hillary Clinton: Taking Puerto Ricans for suckers in Florida

  I do not support Donald Trump. I am a Democrat, but I will probably vote for Jill Stein, and the reason is this… Hillary Clinton – and the entire Democratic Party – are taking Puerto Ricans for… Read More

Federal Judge Juan R. Torruella: “Puerto Rico is in a political apartheid…we need to organize a civil resistance”

  Judge Juan R. Torruella is Puerto Rican. He is also the longest-standing federal judge in Puerto Rican history. Judge Torruella has served on the federal bench for 42 years, from 1974 through 2016. He is still a… Read More

Puerto Rico vs. Hong Kong: A tale of two colonies

  The history of Puerto Rico has many parallels to the history of Hong Kong – which was a British colony for more than 150 years, from 1841 to 1997. Precisely in 1898 – the year the US… Read More