President Obama…the Pontius Pilate of Puerto Rico

  On January 12, 2016, throughout a 58-minute State of the Union speech, US President Obama said nothing about Puerto Rico’s economic crisis. He did not mention Puerto Rico at all…not even once. This of course, is the Pontius Pilate… Read More

The New York Times: “Puerto Rico not prospering under United States rule. It was far better off when Spain governed it.”

  This shocking news was reported by the New York Times on October 4, 1903. In other words, within five years of US occupation, the Times already realized how its own country was operating in Puerto Rico. The… Read More

The U.S. response to Christmas bonuses in Puerto Rico

  The government of Puerto Rico recently announced that it will pay $120 million in Christmas bonuses to its workers this year. Wall Street is not happy with this, because just a few days later – on January… Read More