Luis Ferrao did not kill anyone with a knife…he killed them with a gun!

I have a terrible admission to make. I was starting to feel sorry for Luis Ferrao. He called Albizu Campos a “Fascist” and called me a liar: but after 16 years in New York State politics and 4… Read More

University of Puerto Rico straightens out the lies of Luis Ferrao

I almost feel sorry for Luis Ferrao. He had a Ph.D. after his name. A French degree that no one could pronounce, let alone understand. But in the words Honoré de Balzac: behind every great fortune, there is a… Read More

Kick Albizu Campos in the teeth, then honeymoon in Paris

  The United States of America has become the United Sociopaths of America. People lie, cheat, bully and betray each other, usually for money or status or sex. But a fellow named Luis Ferrao reached a new low… Read More

The Many Lies of Luis Ferrao

A gentleman I’ve never met has called me a liar. According to this man, named Luis Ferrao, my book War Against All Puerto Ricans contains at least 29 lies “and more will come.” I was curious about these… Read More

“Albizu Campos was a Fascist,” says Luis A. Ferrao

  A writer named Luis A. Ferrao has caught my attention. Back in 1990, he published Pedro Albizu Campos y el Nacionalismo Puertorriqueño (Editorial Cultural, PR). The book repeatedly claimed that Don Pedro was a fascist who wanted… Read More