Luis Muñoz Marín explains how ELA will bring greater independence to Puerto Rico

  From 1950 through 1952, Luis Muñoz Marín passed Public Law 600 and oversaw the process which turned Puerto Rico into ELA, an Estado Libre Asociado. It was this political move, which prompted the Nationalist Revolt of 1950…. Read More

The US Supreme Court announces…that Puerto Rico is a colony

  After 64 years of denial, the US Supreme Court finally came out and said it: Puerto Rico is a possession of the United States. A colony. With a 6-2 majority decision in Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle,… Read More

Puerto Rico: the oldest colony in the world?

  The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering whether Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory (i.e., a colony) or a sovereign people, with its own independent laws and legislature. There is a highly useful book in this area…. Read More

The Two Greatest Traitors of Puerto Rico: Luis Muñoz Marín and Alejandro García Padilla

  Faustino Diaz Pacheco and Aguedo Medina were FBI informants for 20 years. José Trias Monge profited from the ELA status all his life – then finally wrote a book denouncing it, just before dying. But the greatest… Read More

José Trías Monge, the author of Puerto Rico’s Commonwealth status, denounces it as “the oldest colony in the world.”

  José Trías Monge was the Secretary of Justice (aka the Attorney General) of Puerto Rico. He later became a senator, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. Monge was the chief architect, writer,… Read More