Stop the gentrification of East Harlem!

    A few politicians are turning East Harlem into a developer’s paradise. If we don’t stop them, thousands of residents will be forced to move, in order to accommodate the “new” gentry of East Harlem. We appeared… Read More

East Harlem for sale, Part III: A tale of two cities

    When he campaigned for mayor, Bill De Blasio repeatedly invoked A Tale of Two Cities as a metaphor for New York. We will be ONE city, he said.  All sharing the same rules, risks, rewards and… Read More

Save our Lady Queen of Angels Church in East Harlem

  Our Lady Queen of Angels has been there for 130 years, at 113th Street in East Harlem. Thirteen years before the US invaded Puerto Rico, in 1898, the little church was already there between 2nd and 3rd… Read More