HISTORIC PHOTO OF THE DAY: 1930s Sterilization Chamber

From the 1930s until the 1950s, for over twenty years, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican women were sterilized after giving childbirth, without their knowledge or consent. It was a form of population control, imposed by the US… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Dr. Cornelius Rhoads

With Reuters recommending that Puerto Ricans should sell their bodily organs, in order to pay Puerto Rico’s so-called “debt” to the U.S., it is important to remember another medical warrior. Dr. Cornelius Rhoads wrote an infamous letter on November 10,… Read More

White Man’s Burden: How the US perceived Puerto Ricans

  When the US invaded Puerto Rico in 1898, it had little prior contact with its people. This transatlantic ignorance was compounded by the inherent racism of southern congressmen. Here are some of their memorable opinions – declared… Read More

Historic Photo of the day: Child’s Funeral in Ponce

  During the Great Depression, sugar cane wages were very low in Puerto Rico, and many people – though hard-working – could not afford proper health care. The Brookings Institution Report of 1930 found enormous gaps in the… Read More